Chikungunya Fever Guide

Chikungunya Videos

Chikungunya virus is steadily spreading across the globe. Over a million Chikungunya infections are suspected last year in 45 countries across Americas. The disease is rarely fatal, but in many patients it causes long term side effects such as chronic joint pain. Hence it is important to take preventive measures against Chikungunya.

In this page we have given a number of interesting videos available on the Chikungunya disease. Some of these are recent news reports.

Dr. Bones talks about Chikungunya virus. This gives a pretty good overview of the disease.

UTMB's Scott Weaver talks about the new experimental vaccine for Chikungunya.

Recently infections were reported from United States as well from American travellers returning from countries such as Haiti. This video from Newsy takes a look at the disease from American perspective.

CNN's coverage of Chikungunya virus.

NBC's coverage of Chikungunya virus. This video also has coverage from other places.

What is the Chikungunya Virus from The Doctors TV Show in United States.

In this video, Dr. Paul Haider talks about some of the natural treatments for Chikungunya virus. We do not know how effective these are. Always consult your doctor before applying any of this.

This is a song on Chikungunya disease by Wayne J from Jamaica!. Magnetic media converted it into a video with images on Chikungunya.