Chikungunya Fever Guide

Treatment of Chikungunya Disease

Treating ChikungunyaThere is no antiviral drug or medicine specifically for Chikungunya. But since chikungunya is cured by immune system in almost all cases there is no need to worry. Treatment usually is for the symptoms and include taking sufficient rest, taking more fluid food and medicines to relieve pain (paracetamol for example). Aspirin should be avoided.

Honey and lime mix is found to have soothing effect on the disease. Avoiding specific medicines is actually recommended for quick recovery. Also very mild exercise to joints can help ease the pain. For most patients, home remedies are enough. However pregnant women and patients with health problems must consult a doctor.

Currently there is no vaccination against Chikungunya. Research is ongoing on the development of DNA vaccination against Chikungunya.

Usually the disease starts to decrease in intensity after 3 days and it may take up to 2 weeks for recovery. But in elderly the recovery is very slow and may take upto 3 months. In some cases the joint pain can last even upto a year!

Ayurveda treatment of Chikungunya

Since there is no medicine for Chikungunya in allopathy, people increasingly turning to traditional indian medicines (ayurveda). Ayurveda treatment of Chikungunya uses herbal drugs. Some of the kashayams (concoctions) prescribed are Amrutharista, Mahasudarshana Churna, panchathiktha kashayam, Sudarshan Churnam, Dhanvantaram Gutika and Amruthotharam Kashayam. Ancient ayurveda describes a similar condition called Sandhijwara which is similar to Chikungunya in its symptoms (joint pain). Hence some of the medicines can sooth joint pain.

At the same time there are reports of fake medicines in which steroids are added. These can cause severe side effects in long term. Hence the best advice is to take rest and drink plenty of fluid food!

Homeopathic treatment of Chikungunya

According to homeopathic experts effective drugs are available to prevent as well as to speed up recovery from Chikungunya. In some of the south indian cities this type of treatment is tried out. It is claimed that the medicine Eupatorium perf can prevent Chikungunya infection. Other medicines prescribed for the disease include Pyroginum, Rhus-tox, Cedron, Influenzinum, China and Arnica.

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